Unit Assignments Unit III Essay Comparative Essay Draft

Unit Assignments Unit III Essay Comparative Essay Draft

Author: Emma Drink


Unit AssignmentsUnit III EssayComparative Essay DraftWrite a 750-1000-word essay about a pair of items in which the similarities and differences of those items are compared and contrasted in the styledescribed within Unit III. Please note that the Comparative Essay Final will be due in Unit IV of this course. However, you should complete the entirepaper in this draft and do your best work as you will have more applicable feedback from which to make changes to your essay for the final draft.Purpose: Throughout Unit III, we have discussed the conventions of the comparative essay. The purpose of this assignment is to measure your masteryof those conventions by putting your knowledge into practice. In a larger context, the purpose of writing a comparative essay is to gain the skills ofdetecting similarities and differences between at least two items and then using those similarities and differences to create knowledge about either oneor both of the items. In this way, the comparative essay is a tool used for both observation and analysis.Process: For the comparative essay, you will complete the following steps:

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