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Unit E Concept 7b: Graphing polynomials, identifying all parts

Unit E Concept 7b: Graphing polynomials, identifying all parts

Author: Crystal Kirch


Graphing polynomials, identifying all parts

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Unit E Concept 7b Part 1

This video covers two more examples of graphing polynomials (#5 and 6 from SSS). Be sure to try these problems on your own before watching the video.

Source: Created by Crystal Kirch using Camtasia for Mac

REMINDER: Extrema and Intervals

For your Unit E Test, you will not be able to use a calculator on concepts 4-7.  Thus, you will not need to find the extrema and intervals for the problems on your test.  You will have to guesstimate and sketch the extrema (so your sketches will not be 100% accurate in that way).

However, it is VERY important that you remember how to find both extrema and intervals, thus why we are reviewing it in this lesson.  Please go back to Unit B Concepts 1-2 if you need step by step help with how to find them.

Advice from previous students: Test Day

Hear from Frank, Ryan, and Brianna about the importance of following directions on a test... even when it seems like it doesn't matter!


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