Unit II Case Study Community Policing and Community Involvement

Unit II Case Study Community Policing and Community Involvement

Author: Emma Drink


Unit II Case Study 
Community Policing and Community Involvement 
Read the case study linked below. After reading the case study, you will have to prepare a response from two viewpoints. The first viewpoint will be that of a patrol officer assigned to foot patrol. The second viewpoint will be that of a community member who has lived in the community for 25 years. From each viewpoint, you are to answer the following questions and provide justification for your answers: 
 Does the broken windows theory apply to the Anonymous Community scenario? Why, or why not?  How did the process of assimilation impact the relationship between the police and the Anonymous Community?  What strategies could police use to improve communication with the diverse population in the Anonymous Community?  What activities could police engage in to better understand the Anonymous Community and to encourage the involvement of the Anonymous Community members in community policing strategies? 
You will also need to provide a summarization paragraph that includes the following: 
 Identify which lens was the most difficult to answer the questions from, and why.  Identify any aspect of the scenario to which information shared in the textbook could not be applied. 
Click here to access the case study. 
Each section of your case study must be clearly labeled using the following section headings:  
 Lens 1: Patrol Officer,  Lens 2: Community Member, and  Summary. 
Each section should be a minimum of 200 words. Your entire case study should be at least two double-spaced pages. Be sure to cite, in APA format, any source used to influence your response. Therefore, your reference list should at least include a citation of the textbook as you are required to apply the concepts discussed in the textbook to the scenario. 
Information about accessing the Grading Rubric for this assignment is provided below.

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