Unit III Assignment EH 3341 Technical Writing

Unit III Assignment EH 3341 Technical Writing

Author: Emma Drink


Unit III Assignment EH 3341 Technical Writing
Letter of Transmittal
Write two different letters of transmittal that can be used in your Formal Proposal in Unit VIII. Pick two separate problems in your community, and imagine that your business is well positioned to provide a solution to that issue.
For example:
The School Board of Smoke River Valley, North Carolina, is concerned that its students are not receiving enough tutoring to ensure their place as a top school in the nation. My tutoring firm will draw from the local University to provide any child that wishes the opportunity a chance for one-on-one instruction with a college tutor.
Researching the issue and addressing specific problems will enhance your work. Be sure to follow the guidelines for a letter of transmittal found in your textbook.
Each letter should be at least one page long and address all the primary concerns issued in the text. Submit both letters in one document.
Unit VI Assignment EH 3341 Technical Writing
For this assignment, please complete the following:
1. Perform a job search for a position of your choice at a company. Imagine that you are applying for this job. Upload a resume (either fictional or factual) in either chronological or functional formats. Follow the guidelines for formatting listed in your textbook, playing close attention to Figures 10-3 and 10-4. Remember to limit your work to a single page.
2. Using the example of Figure 10-1 of your textbook, write a job letter for the position you chose above. Pay close attention to the material regarding the reader’s needs on pages 207-208.
3. Using the guidelines on page 218 of your textbook, write a follow-up letter for the position mentioned above. Imagine the content of the interview, but be specific.

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