Unit K Concept 4

Unit K Concept 4

Author: Crystal Kirch

Understanding Fibonacci and other recursive sequences

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What is the difference between a recursive and explicit sequence?

Source: Created by Crystal Kirch using Camtasia for Mac


STEP 1 - reviews assignments from SSS + includes copy of worksheet you will be filling out in class
STEP 2 - MUST WATCH IN FULL! (if playlist doesn't show up - direct link is http://youtu.be/085KSyQVb-U
STEP 3 - MUST WATCH IN FULL to be prepared for class activity (if playlist doesn't show up - direct link is http://youtu.be/beQAlanLyg8

**YOU ONLY NEED TO WATCH FROM :35 - 7:40 of this video!!!

**KEEP IN MIND this was recorded a few years ago when I was going to be absent, hence some of the comments. Don't worry about that. Just watch it and pay attention. You will get the worksheet tomorrow :)

rest of Steps... just FYI and for fun. If you choose to do extra credit, you will need to read/watch these.

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If the WSQ does not show up use this link:

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