Unit M Concept 1

Unit M Concept 1

Author: Crystal Kirch

Completing the square with two variables

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Introduction to Psychology

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Conic Sections in Real Life

Go through this playlist (steps 1-5 mandatory, 6-10 suggested) in order to get an idea of how conic sections are seen in real life.

Make sure to watch carefully (most have no sound) and jot any notes or confusions down. Read the articles carefully, especially the powerpoint slides on step 5, as we will be referring to them often during this unit.

Unit M Concept 1 Intro

This video will review the basics of conic section from the intro playlist and introduce the concept of ECCENTRICITY to you.

Source: Created by Crystal Kirch using Camtasia for Mac

Unit M Concept 1

How do we classify conic sections? This short video will talk through and explain the information for concept 1

Source: Created by Crystal Kirch using Camtasia for Mac


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