Unit V Concept 1

Unit V Concept 1

Author: Crystal Kirch


Students will be able to answer the following questions in their WSQ

1. What is a derivative?  Tell me everything you know and understand about it so far.

2.  Compare and contrast a tangent line with a secant line?  How do we find the slope of a secant line? How do we find the slope of a tangent line?

3.  What does delta x stand for?  What do we use instead of delta x?  Describe when we see delta x and what it represents in the formula for the difference quotient.

4.  How many derivatives can a graph have? Explain.

Students will be able to solve the following "Secret Questions"

Answer to secret question PAGE 5 #4

Answer to secret question PAGE 5 #5

Answer to secret question PAGE 5 #6

Students will learn the following skills:

Finding the derivative function (the limit of the difference quotient)

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Unit V SSS

For your reference.

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Unit V Concept 1

Video lesson for Unit V Concept 1

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Unit V Concept 1 WSQ

Complete fully online. Be descriptive and detailed.

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