Unit V Essay Employment Law

Unit V Essay Employment Law

Author: Emma Drink


Unit V EssayEmployment LawUnit V EssayUsing the list of states identified on page 321 of your textbook, select a state that has laws that addressdiscrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Summarize those laws by addressing the followingquestions:How do those laws define discrimination based on sexual orientation?What remedy do those laws provide when there has been discrimination based on sexual orientation?Are those laws successfully addressing discrimination based on sexual orientation?Your response should be a minimum of 400 words in length. All sources used, including the textbook, must bereferenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations per APA guidelines.Text Book Reference:Moran, J. J. (2014). Employment Law; New Challenges in the Buisness Environment, 6th ed. Upper SaddleRiver, NJ: Pearson Education Inc.States Are:California, Iowa, Nevada, Colorado, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, MarylandNew Jersey, Vermont, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Washington, Illinois, Minnesota, New YorkWisconsin, District of Columbia.

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