Unit V Scholarly Activity

Unit V Scholarly Activity

Author: Emma Drink


Unit V Scholarly Activity
  Create a short recommendation report to recommend a solution to a company’s problem or a product that you know well.For example, you might create a recommendation report to recommend that your company change a policy or aprocedure, or you might make a recommendation for purchasing new equipment. The subject of your report can befictional.Your recommendation report should follow these guidelines:1. Include the following: a title page, an abstract, an introduction, methods, conclusion, and recommendations. Youcan also choose to add other elements if you feel they are necessary.2. The report should consist of at least four pages, including the title page.Outside sources are not required for this assignment. However, if you use information from an outside source, it should becited correctly using APA format, and a reference page should be added in addition to the four pages that are required forthis assignment.There is an example recommendation report that includes all of the required sections beginning on page 362 of yourtextbook. As you edit your work, use the “Writer’s Checklist” on page 384 in the textbook to ensure the effectiveness ofyour report.

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