Unit VII Scholarly ActivityThis course has introduced and assessed many noteworthy

Unit VII Scholarly ActivityThis course has introduced and assessed many noteworthy

Author: Emma Drink


Unit VII Scholarly
ActivityThis course has introduced and assessed many noteworthy figures related to the continuing buildup of the United Statesand its place within the world and globalization during the last 140 years. For this assignment, you will choose anoteworthy civil rights leader from the mid-20th century to the present. Your selection may be chosen from speakers orreligious, economic, or social leaders. You may not use any U.S. President. This assignment is open to any reformdiscussed in this course (including, but not limited to, creed, race, age, status, or gender).This is not a biography. Your argument should highlight how society remembers him or her now.The style of project is a multimedia presentation with both audio and video components; however, the medium is up toyou. Examples may include a speech, self-guided PowerPoint presentation, or video. Creativity and effort will impact yourfinal grade for this assignment.Your submission will be graded on the following: preparation and submission of a two-page reflection, ideally based on the outline assignment from Unit VI; creation and submission of a visual presentation with your reflection as an audio transcript; use of a minimum two sources that can be found in the Online Library (at least one from the American History andLife database); proper APA citations and references for sources used; length within three to five minutes (in the case of PowerPoint, slides and audio should progress and stopautomatically like a taped presentation); and content accuracy and avoidance of anachronism.Many options are available for creating this assignment. A few options are listed below. Audacity: http://www.audacityteam.org/ Online Voice Recorder: www.online-voice-recorder.com Ipadio: www.ipadio.comYou may also use your webcam and upload the file to YouTube. You may also search for other programs or ways tocreate your presentation/recording to upload.You must upload your reflection document at the same time that you upload your presentation file. You will be uploadingtwo separate files for this assignment. To submit your files for this assignment, you must upload them all before clickingsubmit.Direct any questions to your professor prior to beginning the assignment. Librarians are also available should you needassistance with your research for this assignment.HY 1120, American History II 6Unit VIII Scholarly ActivityTrace the evolution of your profession (or another chosen profession), field of study, or branch of service, starting in theCold War era and continuing all the way to the present, globalized world.As you begin gathering research, make sure to consider important social, political, and economic movements, as well asCivil Rights struggles, that have impacted the profession you chose to write about.You must include, but are not limited to, the following, and how they impact your chosen profession, field of study, orbranch of service: major themes from Cold War era; themes or movements of the Civil Rights era; and challenges and opportunities of the present, globalized economy, including the realms of terrorism andtechnological progress.Your final product should be a minimum of one page in length. You are required to use a minimum of two reputablesources, which must be cited and referenced in APA style, one of which must come from the America: History and Lifewith Full Text database located within the CSU Online Library.Encyclopedias (online or print), message boards, or any source that can be amended without educated review, such asWikipedia, are not considered appropriate. Failure to use appropriate resources or resources that are available in the CSUOnline Library can lead to deductions. Librarians are available to help you if you should need assistance with yourresearch.

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