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Units A-D Summer Conclusion

Units A-D Summer Conclusion

Author: Crystal Kirch

The purpose of this tutorial is to help you reflect on and summarize your Math Analysis summer packet.  It will also help us to work together to make sure you succeed on the Units A-D tests you will be taking the first week of school. 

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Summer Review

Take a few minutes to review your submissions by clicking on the link here

You will have to open up the spreadsheets one at a time. As you go through your responses, do a couple of things:

​1. Review your SSS and the notes you took.  Add anything that you feel needs to be added to your SSS notes packets - you will have them with you all year for help so you want to make sure your notes are good.

​2. Review your PQ problems. If you didn't do this earlier, make sure your answers are checked and they are CORRECT.  If you had to get help on them, make a note because those are ones you will want to review again in August!

​3. Compare your responses to (1) Mrs. Kirch's responses at the top and (2) your classmates' responses.  How do you measure up in terms of correctness and completeness?  


Please note that you will be expected to discuss your responses to all reflections from memory come the first week of school.

​4. For every reflection you've done this summer, you have answered the question... "The most important facts, terms, and tips I need to remember are... "

 Find this question on each of the reflection spreadsheets (one by one) and Copy-paste (shortcuts: Control - C and then Control - V) your responses to that question for each tutorial and  Paste it onto either a word document or a Google Document (see sample on video below if you aren't sure what I mean by this) 

You will be submitting this document to me at the end of this tutorial.

THESE RESPONSES MUST BE DETAILED AND SPECIFIC FOR EACH CONCEPT. IF YOU DID NOT DO THAT THE FIRST TIME AROUND, YOU MUST EDIT YOUR RESPONSES NOW.  This should be a detailed summary of ALL the concepts, tips, tricks, and important things from Units A-D.

5. Look at your answer to the question, "The part I am most confused about is..."  Jot down your questions IN YOUR SSS PACKETS so you have them with you the first week of school!

6. As you review, please make note of the top 3-4 concepts that you are still confused about.  (Please pick individual concepts, not groupings of concepts.  For example, most tutorials covered between 2-4 concepts.  Make sure here, you pick the INDIVIDUAL concept and not the whole tutorial).

You will select your chosen concepts in the form below.

*If this is confusing, please ask!  The video below shows you a little in more detail what you need to do, so watch that first and then come back up here.

What are you still confused on?

Source: Created by Google Docs

Instructions for FINAL ASSIGNMENT... watch and follow along carefully!

This video will walk you through step by step how to make your final playlist.

IMPORTANT: If you did not choose FOUR concepts above (because you felt you understood all of them), pick some other ones that you think your CLASSMATES may find tricky to fill up your total of FOUR for this assignment :)

EVEN MORE IMPORTANT: In the video, I tell you to pick a "skill level" - that feature is no longer available, so don't worry about it :)

Source: Created by Crystal Kirch using Camtasia for Mac


Just copy-paste your embed code below :)

Source: Created by Google Docs


Please answer these questions in evaluation of your summer packet experience. Thank you in advance for your feedback.

Source: Created by Google Docs