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Upgrading Coaching Using Technology

Upgrading Coaching Using Technology

Author: Dustin Stein

This packet will take a look at some of the technologies that are available for coaches to utilize to help them build the best program possible. Technology has definitely changed the way we play games, recruit players, and game plan. This packet will touch on some of those topics.

The world of coaching has changed thanks to technology. The purpose of this packet is to show some of the technology that coaches can utilize to help improve their programs. 

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SportsBoard Soccer Scout

A great app for the ipad for soccer coaches is the sportsboard soccer scout. It can help you scout a game between two teams or you can set it up to help keep track of all the players you are recruiting. It keeps track of teams, names, and players abilities. You can customize the app to show only information you personally care about as a coach. You can go to their website by clicking the following link:


Coach It soccer for ipad

This video shows one of the apps that is made available for coaches to use on an ipad. is the best website for soccer coaches. It shows you all the scores from every soccer game going on across the nation at any level. It keeps track of NAIA, D3, D2, and D1 sports. It is hard to find a website that keeps up with all the levels. The website also keeps track of the top young players in the country. It is a great source for college coaches to use. College coaches can get on and see who are the top ranked kids and where they will be playing. High school players are allowed to create a profile and upload videos of themselves playing which the college coaches can watch. The high school players can also list what tournaments they will be playing in so the college coaches will know where they need to go to meet the kid and see them play.