Upon reading the article below, take a moment to think about the safety

Upon reading the article below, take a moment to think about the safety

Author: Emma Drink


Upon reading the article below, take a moment to think about the safety within a correctional facility. Based on this information given, one would think that safety would be a much easier thing to manage these days, since prisoners know that they are, or can be, constantly surveilled. However, we know that danger for officers within a correctional facility can be lurking around every corner.
Based on the article, imagine a correctional officer on duty in a cell block alone for any amount of time during a shift change. In addition, he or she was weary from not only working overtime this week, but being up most of the night before with a sick child. Identify at least three possible issues regarding officer safety that exist within this scenario. Apply possible solutions for these problems or observations based on what you have learned throughout this course so far.
Your response must be at least two pages in length, double spaced, and 12-point Times New Roman font. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying APA citations.
In the case of a disturbance or a riot, digital IP video surveillance offers streaming on the go, sharper image definition, and higher capacity network storage.
the present time, video security systems put into place in facilities even 10 years ago are routinely aging. The analog systems that served their time can be replaced without difficulty and in stages to limit bulk costs. The advantages to new systems are numerous and include important features such as increased clarity and minimized storage. Options that provide further advantages exist in portable video units for hard-to-reach or one-time use incidents, as well as wearable units that provide another layer of personnel safety and security.
Converting a facility from analog to digital video capabilities can be easily managed, according to David Raske, director of Marketing and Business Development, Video Surveillance.com. "The process of installing and setting up an IP (internet protocol) video surveillance systems is easy. Many IP cameras are designed to use a normal Ethernet cord to provide both power and network access for sending and receiving data, making the installation easier than older analog cameras," he says. And "because the system partscameras, NVR, video management software-are all connected through your private network, you can quickly connect to and monitor the system."
Raske explains how the transition from analog to digital IP video surveillance can be done over time, making the transition easy to manage and affordable. "Using special hybrid NVRs designed to handle both analog and IP cameras, or video encoders, you can replace older analog cameras as needed or install new IP cameras without replacing all your old equipment at once. This allows the facility to use equipment that is still working, and integrate the new equipment during their normal expansion into new buildings or rooms."
IP Video Yields Advanced Features

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