UPS Check

UPS Check

Author: Kimberly Saylor

At the end of the unit, students will be able to create a problem for others to solve using the UPS Check method.

Students will first learn how to use the UPS check problem solving method and then use what they know to create a problem for others to solve. They will be first introduced the method, then use it to solve problems in a group setting and finally create a problem and solution answer key. Problems will then be shared with the class to be solved. Students will be graded on their problem and solution answer key as for neatness, relevance and accuracy. 


This is  a rough draft of the first tutorial. This unit will have 3 other tutorials and problem solving opportunities (group and individual) before students create their own problems at the end of a two week beginning unit on problem solving. UPS Check is a district requirement.

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Mrs. Saylor Explains UPS Check

A short video on how to use UPS Check problem solving method for KISD.

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