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Urban Design

Urban Design

Author: Casey Schreiber

This lesson will introduce you to Urban Design. Urban Design concepts will help you complete your final project for your City and Metro Planning course. 

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To complete this lesson on Urban Design, please finish the following items. 

1. Watch the three "video lectures" about urban design. They contain analysis of information from Chapter 10 in your textbook as well as some additional information that is not in your book.

2. Check out all the weblinks posted below for information about (a) 2015 Great Places (b) TOD (c) TND and (d) New Urbanism. This will require you to do some of your own web searching.

3. Complete the the required assignment by filling out your Town Planning Worksheet.  

This is your first lecture video on Urban Design. Additional information can be found in your textbook.

Source: Created by Casey Schreiber using screencast o matic

Urban Design Part 2

Source: Created by Casey Schreiber

Three examples of Urban Design

Source: Created by Casey Schreiber

Weblinks for you to explore

1.  2015 Great Places

2. Traditional Neighborhood Development


3. Transit Oriented Development

4. New Urbanism

Town Planning Worksheet

You will use information from this lesson and previous lessons covered this semester to complete your Town Planning Worksheet. It will help you make decisions about your Urban Utopia that will create and present at the end of the semester.


Source: Created by Casey Schreiber