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URI 101: Customer Service!

URI 101: Customer Service!

Author: Taylor Russo

In keeping with my goal to create a training program for newly hired employees in Enrollment Services, this tutorial will give some tips on how to provide the best customer service to students and parents.

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Transcript of video below.

First Things First!

Welcome to Customer Service Training! My name is Taylor, and I will be giving you a quick walk through of what URI Enrollment Services expects of their employees so that you can give the best customer service possible to our students!

Customer Service isn't always the most glamorous job, but it is important to keep our students and their parents as happy as possible.

I would like to start off with everyone getting into small groups of two or three, and discuss one instance when you received the excellent customer service, and one instance when you received poor customer service. After about 10 minutes, we will come back together, and discuss common themes that we find for excellent service, as well as for poor service.

Now that we've completed that lesson, let's move on!

Transcript of video below.

URI Enrollment Services Customer Service Standards

Our goal is to keep the smiles on this family's faces!

Here are the standards here in Enrollment Services for Customer Service:

Graceful Greeting:

  • Smile, and greet the customer, even on when you're on the phone!
  • Immediately stop working on other items not pertaining to the customer.
  • Ask them how you may assist them today.
  • Use student's or parent's name name throughout the conversation. Don't know their name? Just ask them!

Serve with Care:

  • If you need to put them on hold or step away, explain to them that you will be right back.
  • Handle the student's or parent's concern with care and respect.
  • Handle the concerns professionally.
  • Empathize with their situation, and explain what you can do for them, not what we can't do for them.

True Thanking

  • Ask and answer any questions that the customer may have.
  • Ask them, "Is there anything else I can help you with?"
  • Thank them by name and for choosing URI.
  • Be genuinely nice.

Be in their shoes!

  • Would you want your child or yourself to be treated in the same manner you are treating the person on the other side?
  • If not, STOP!
  • Think of how your child or yourself to be treated if they were in the same situation. Reassess your approach and talk to that person in the same manner.

I hope this gives you a better idea of what is expected in regards to customer service, and that you learned a little something about what you can do to put a smile on a student's or parent's face. I know we can't always make people happy, but it is in our best interest to try our hardest!