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U.S Constitution: 4th Grade

U.S Constitution: 4th Grade


Students will be able understand and explain what the U.S. Constitution is and the importance to the American government.

4.5 Students understand the structures, functions, and powers of the local, state, and federal governments as described in the U.S. Constitution.

1. Discuss what the U.S. Constitution is and why it is important (i.e., a written document
that defines the structure and purpose of the U.S. government and describes the shared
powers of federal, state, and local governments)

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The resources below will give an explanation of the U.S. Constitution.

Make sure to comprehend the following:

  • What is the U.S. Constitution
  • Who wrote it
  • Why was the document created.
  • The impact of U.S. Constitution.

Intro to The Constitution


Explore the following website to have a better understanding of the Constitution.

Constitution Rap


The big question:

What does the constitution mean to the United States and what impact has it have in our present time.