USCG Guest Speaker

USCG Guest Speaker


(8.11) Organisms and environments. The student knows that interdependence occurs among living systems and the environment and that human activities can affect these systems. The student is expected to:

(C) explore how short- and long-term environmental changes affect organisms and traits in subsequent populations; and

(D) recognize human dependence on ocean systems and explain how human activities such as runoff, artificial reefs, or use of resources have modified these systems.

2 speakers from the U.S. Coast Guard's Marine Protection Division came to speak to the classes. Below are videos from some of the classes when they were speaking. Each video is more or less the same. 1st and 2nd Periods were not videod

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USCG Guest Speaker - 3rd Period

USCG Guest Speakers - 4th Period

USCG Guest Speakers - 6th Period

USCG Guest Speakers - 7th Period