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Useful Computer Programs That Every Student Should Have

Useful Computer Programs That Every Student Should Have

Author: Timothy Lyall

A computer is important not just for doing research and writing term papers; it is important at every stage in the life of a student. As you start on a new school year, you need to check your computer to ensure that you have everything you need. For starters, ensure that you have updated basic document editing programs such as Word, Excel, PDF Reader and converter, web browser, and audio and video players.

But that is not all a student needs to excel. You will need your computer skills to research, edit, access research, plan your work, store files, and much more.

1. OneNote

OneNote is a virtual diary for you. Instead of carrying around a diary or notebook, you can use OneNote to save all your writings, notes, and any thoughts you need to access later. This way, nothing disappears.

As a student, you will spend a lot of time taking notes. If you have a touchscreen computer that allows you to scribble, mark things, and highlight, OneNote will feel more fun to use. Besides taking notes, you can use OneNote to share notes, especially when you are working on a project in groups. To make your work more accessible, Microsoft has developed a mobile version for Android and iOS. Better yet, OneNote is free.

2. Nebo

Nebo is another note-taking app, just like WP Office and OneNote, and you can use it to keep your research, notes, reminders, and much more. As the papersowl review found online suggests, you can also use it for your academic purposes. The app offers you a black space on which you can scribble notes or thoughts. It is a product of MyScript, which focuses on apps for iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android.

This app is better than other note-taking apps seeing that it can transcribe your notes in real-time. It also has several features such as math equations, adding pictures to your notes, and collecting files to one place. If you love handwriting or transcribing, Nebo is a must-have app.

3. Microsoft To-Do

To-Do helps you plan your days. If you need to keep track of everything that needs to get done, you can do so with the minimalist app, To-Do. This free app works excellently on Windows and lets you organize your work in list form in different categories. You can, therefore, keep your projects organized in the form of class or course.

The app also has a mobile version so you can tick tasks off the list. If, for instance, you needed to do papersowl reviews, you can tick it off from your mobile device once you do that. 

4. Polarr

If you need to edit photos without having to deal with the complex features of Photoshop, you can use Polarr. The tool offers you a wide range of features and a simple interface so you can do sophisticated work on a photo. It is a great option as it strikes a balance between complex photo editors and simple ones. The free version has limited features, but you can get the full version at $20.

5. Edmodo

Edmodo is a social media site for students and teachers. It lets the teachers connect with students without the distractions of other social media sites. Through the app, teachers can post assignments, lecture notes, video tutorials, and any other content. Students can also ask questions and clarification from the platform.

6. GeoGebra

GeoGebra is a great app for those pursuing mathematical courses. The app lets you do algebra, graphing, and geometry, among others on your PC. It is ideal for both entry-level and advanced users.

On your computer, the app gives you enough working space. Later, you can post your work on the GeoGebra site. If you are traveling, you can do your geometry or 3D calculations on a mobile device.


There are many more apps for students, including Google Drive, Sensavis, OneCalendar, Khan Academy, EverNote, and FluidMath, among others. The app you choose is dependent on the tasks you need to carry out.

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