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Useful Google Chrome Extensions For Teachers

Useful Google Chrome Extensions For Teachers


The purpose of this tutorial is to make teachers aware of the benefits of Chrome extensions (a.k.a. add-ons), and to inform them on how to use extensions to make their teaching more interactive, engaging and productive. 

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The purpose of a Google Chrome extension is to add more functionality to the browser, which ultimately teachers can use to their benefits. We can use extensions to make teaching more interactive, engaging, collaborative, and productive. 

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So...What Is An Extension Anyway?

Extensions are extra features and functionality that you can easily add to Google Chrome. By using extensions, you can customize Google Chrome with features you like, while keeping your browser free of things that you don't use.

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How Do I Get Extensions?

You will need to access the Chrome Web Store to view available extensions.

How Do I Install Extensions?

Let's practice by installing the extension from the Chrome Web Store.  The video tutorial below will walk you through how to find the extension in the Chrome Web Store and how to install it to Chrome.


Chrome Extension Resources

Check out these resources to find some Chrome extensions that interest you, and that you could make use of in your classrooms.


50+ Chrome Extensions For Educators


What Chrome Extension Are You Interested In Trying?

Take a moment to share a Chrome extension that sparked your interest, and tell us how you could use it in your classroom.

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