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Using an iPad in the Classroom to Study Social Studies Vocabulary.

Using an iPad in the Classroom to Study Social Studies Vocabulary.

Author: Lauren Schafer

Using an iPad, the students will create mini movies depicting their Social Studies Vocabulary terms.

Students will study their vocabulary terms by creating mini movies based on their Social Studies vocabulary.  For example, the students were learning about Cash and Subsistence Crops.  Students will create what those vocabulary terms would look like if they were happening in real life back in the 1800's.  If students encounter an historical figure in their vocabulary list,, the students will be encouraged to act as that person and tell in the movie what makes them important in our history.  (My students are studying  Fourth Grade Pennsylvania History.)

Students should practice their creations before filming. Teacher will divide the class into groups and then give each group a few vocabulary words from the textbook.  Students will then create a play or monolog and film it with the iPad.  Once all the groups have completed their filming, the teacher will then show the plays to the whole class on the SMARTBOARD.

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