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Using Analytic Rubrics

Using Analytic Rubrics


In this lesson, you will learn about creating and using analytic rubrics to assess your students' performances and products.

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Notes on "Using Analytic Rubrics"

(00:00-00:09) Intro

(00:10-00:24) Objectives

(00:25-01:55) Analytic Rubric Overview

(01:56-04:15) Sample Rubrics

(04:16-05:46) Analytic Rubric Advantages & Disadvantages

(05:47-08:57) Analytic Rubric Creation Process

(08:58-09:43) Review & Reflection

Additional Resources

Authentic Assessment Toolbox 

This toolbox provides directions and examples on how to create an analytic rubric. The steps are clear and easy to follow.

Analytic vs. Holistic Rubrics 

This site from Teacher Vision provides a clear overview of analytic and holistic rubrics. Additionally, the site explains how the two types of rubrics differ and the purpose of each.