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Using Apps, GraCalc & Educreations, to Manually Graph Linear Equations

Using Apps, GraCalc & Educreations, to Manually Graph Linear Equations

Author: Cindy Powell

The student will be able to graph the equation manually 
The student will be able to find a graph and table on a calculator/app.
The student will be able to use APPs as tutorials/text.


This lesson is using technology as a replacement/extension of traditional methods in teaching algebra. This is necessary if you desire digital replacements for paper assignments of the past.

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Lesson Steps

You will:

  1. View the t-chart tutorial.
  2. Change the values from t-chart to co-ordinate points.
  3. Use GraCalc app to check your points.
  4. Use Educreations to graph your points (one equation per page)
  5. Save your graph video and send the link to your teacher.

T-Charts Using Educreations App

Source: Kerry Childress, math teacher's Educreations video at

T-Chart to Coordinates

Quick review...

Using Free GraCalc to make a table of values and view the graph.

The following video demonstrates how to use the APP, Free GraCalc, to graph equations. Our purpose for finding these values is to check the values you found and also to see that your graph looks as it should.
This video shows the app with an iPod Touch, but the interface is the same on an iPad.

iPod Touch and Graph Calc

Using Educreations APP or website to demonstrate graphing a line manually.

Educreations is a free site which provides a digital writing surfaces which include plain, lined, graph, and coordinate plane paper. The following tutorial on graphing a linear equation was recorded on that APP. the iPad version has tools not available on the online version.

Tutorial for using Educreations to graph

Here are the steps to making and turning in this assignment.

Video on how to graph

This lesson is doable without the IOs device. Here is a video on how to graph manually and check with a graphing calculator.

Alternative Educreations Video online

This lesson can be done using a computer and as your video producer, but there is no graph paper available. I would suggest providing students with a picture of the grid which can be added to each page as the background.

Educreations also has other tutorials which can be viewed.

Additional APPs for math help might be Khan Academy Algeba 1 which is free. There may be a textbook app to go along with a school text. Hands-On 1 Lite and Algebra Explained Lite are 2 apps which have a cost. 

There are non-APP helps on YouTube and here on Sophia. Remember Sophia's lessons are rated by teachers for accuracy.