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Using Commas Correctly

Using Commas Correctly

Author: Nathan Mattson
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The Horrible, Bad, No Good Comma Splice

Serial Commas and the "Oxford Comma" by Grammar Girl

Here is one of my favorite people in the world talking about serial commas and the sometimes contentious "Oxford Comma."

There is a rather loud video ad on this page, so you could turn your volume down.


Here, again, is Grammar Girl. And, again, threre is a rather loud video ad on this page, so you could turn your volume down.

Identifying Incorrect Sentences (fragments, run-ons, and comma splices)

Run-on Exercises

Fragment Exercise

Here is a short article about the dreaded and horrible comma splice. You can listen to the article read by the author by clicking the audio near the top.

Here are online exercises concerning the terrible comma splice:

Using Commas to Set Off Non-Restrictive Elements

My apologies for misspelling "difference" in this movie. One day I will correct it and re-record the audio, but I hope you can forgive me if I haven't yet.

Using Commas Around Non-Restrictive Elements

Here is the slide show only, without the narration.

Grammar Girl and Restrictive and Non-Restrictive Elements

Commas After Introductory Elements