Using conjugated verbs in Spanish

Using conjugated verbs in Spanish

Author: Elizabeth Vigil

Students will understand how the regular verbs in Spanish change according to the person and number.

Students will use Story Creator app to create a story using the different forms of a verb in the present tense.

Using My Story app, students were able to design pages showing an action verb in Spanish and conjugate it in the correct form.

For example,  the verb "nadar" (to swim)

One of my students drew a person swimming and wrote "yo nado".  (I swim)  On the second page, he drew another person swimming and wrote "Tu nadas".   On the third page he found a picture of a girl swimming, incorporated it in the app, and wrote "Ella nada" (She swims).   We dedicated one page each for the 6 different pronouns and students either drew pictures, inserted images or some even added images of themselves doing the action.    We then presented their stories to the class by using Apple TV.  

Students love to create on the apps.  My higher achievers even added adverbs to their simple sentences.


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