Using Data to Predict

Using Data to Predict

Author: Sarah Casey

Students will be able to use data from surveys to predict how many people responded to the survey with certain responses.

This lesson uses information about percents, data, and surveys, which combines previous material with new material. We are actually looking at old material (percents) in a new way. 

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This video goes through how to take data you are given about what percent of people answered different responses when conducting a survey. This video goes along with what we have talked about all year with percents, but just throws in more information regarding how to use percents when given data.

Video for flipped lesson

You should complete your notes page with this video. 


  • Watch the video
  • Follow along with your notes packet during the video
  • When you come in to class, I will check your notes packet and we will do in-class work to get a deeper understanding of the topic