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Using Drive in the Classroom

Using Drive in the Classroom


The learner will be able to create a Google Doc by synthesizing information found in the tutorial. The learner will have an understand of the benefits of Google Drive compared to limitations of Office and similar products.

By following the procedures and viewing the links provided, one should be able to use Google Drive to create a cloud-based document to be shared with a recipient.

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Take it from the top

Create a Google account. It's free and easy. To do this:

Go to

(Already have an account? Skip to step 4)

1. Click 'Mail'

2. Click 'create new account' in the upper right hand corner. 

3. Enter the required information and click, 'create.'

Here is a video with description.



Using Drive

After being signed in and clicking on Drive, there are many options available. If you have used Microsoft Office in the past, this will be very familiar to you. Here is a shortcut for using the different options.

4. Click 'Create' in the left corner. You will see options for creating documents (similar to Word), presentations (think PowerPoint), spreadsheets (just like Excel). Start with a document, and begin creating. Click 'Document.'

Notice the upper right hand corner. There is no save button, but there is a share button. This is a crucial aspect of Drive. Everything autosaves every few seconds, and all information is stored in the cloud. You get up to 30GB FREE at the moment. You can access these files from any device, from anywhere you can get an internet connection. Awesome, right?!

5. Click on 'share.'

Sharing allows you to send this document to anyone via email. You can choose if this recipient can merely view the item, or you can allow them to edit as well. If you have ever taken an online course or done a group project, you may notice that asynchronous communication stinks. It takes too much time to email and chat between parties. But when you share a doc, everyone can actually edit/work on the doc at the same time! Synchronous communication from across the entire planet... simply amazing. 

You can also revert to prior versions of your document.

Tutorial on Docs and Drive via YouTube

Get creating and sharing those Docs!