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Using Formative Assessment Data in Sophia - An Example

Using Formative Assessment Data in Sophia - An Example

Author: carolyn fruin

Formative assessment should be common practice in any educational setting. Understanding what the metrics are tell us is important. It allows us to determine what modifications in instruction should be made regarding content mastery or process misconceptions. This tutorial explores the specific data the Sophia Learning platform can provide and how we can use this to inform our instruction.

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Sophia Learning Instructional Platform

Sophia Learning allows you to add quizzes to each of your tutorials. By building a group (classroom) and adding the tutorials to these groups, you have access to several different types of data. Included is student completion statistics, individual time on task, and a basic level of student mastery. Below are instructional videos on how to build quizzes in tutorials and how to access the data collected.

How to Create a Quiz

This video demonstrates how to create a quiz in a tutorial.

Viewing Quiz Scores

This video demonstrates how to access student data on quiz completion and success rate.

How to Use Group Data

This video helps you learn how to maximize the group data and what the different categories mean with regard to student engagement.