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Using Google Docs in the Classroom

Using Google Docs in the Classroom

Author: Tia Brickey

the learner will learn to use Google Docs to collaborate with others. 

In this tutorial, learners will be shown how to use Google Docs to collaborate with others while utilizing some of the many features available through Google Docs. 

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Gooogle Doc Challenge

This summer I participated in a summer learning series that I found on Twitter.  Each week there was something new introduced and a challenge issued.  I want to share with you the Google Docs challenged.  First watch the video created by Stacey Huffine.  After you watch the video, create a Google Doc and share it with someone.  Use some of the tricks and tips that Stacey shares in the video.  After you complete and share your Google Doc, complete the Google form below. 

Google Docs

Form to fill out after completing and sharing a Goggle Doc