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Using Google Research in your Documents

Using Google Research in your Documents

Author: Andrew Gabel

During this presentation, you will learn how to use Google Research. In todays age, it is very important that when you write a paper, that you cite your sources. Inside of Google Doc, you have the ability to use their research tool to do so, as well as search for content. No prior knowledge is necessary for this course.

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

- Learn how to make a Google Doc

- How to import in a Microsoft Word document into Google Docs (Noting that there might be a formatting error)

- Know where the Google Research tool is

- Know what features the Google Research tool has

- Why it is important to cite your sources

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First things first! (Brief Introduction)

We will be going through how to use Google Research. First, we will learn how to set up a document through Google Drive (and which documents Google Research is in). Then, we will start learning where and how to use Google Research. Please now open up your Google Drive.

Starting to use Google Documents

Before we begin, lets make sure that we know how to setup a Google Documents. Note that if you are trying to open up a Word Document, that the formatting might be a bit different. I recommend that you use either or, but not both on editing.

Using Google Research

Now, lets begin on understanding the basics of Google Research and how to use it!

Questions still?

You can go to the follow link if you have addition questions about Google Research:

Congrats! Now go and Research!


Now, take what you learned about Google Research, and CITE YOUR SOURCES!