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Using Google® to Share Your Work

Using Google® to Share Your Work

Author: Angie Kalthoff

Understand how using Google tools with students will provide new options for instruction and meet the needs of diverse learners.
Determine how to evaluate various Google tools and other device applications in order to support best practice in the classroom.
Develop a process for integrating project based learning and other collaborative methods in the classroom.
Understand how using Google tools can provide a personalized environment for individualized learning.

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Using Google to Share Your Work

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YouTube for Schools Video
Bill Nye Video

Using YouTube to Publish Your Work

YouTube is a great tool to use when publishing your videos. A feature that is not as commonly known is When the two are used together they are a powerful pair for creating content for your flipped classroom or student projects.

Incorporating YouTube videos into your Sophia tutorial

Getting the extension from the Chrome Web Store

Using the extension will save you time when creating QR codes. It will also allow for you to get your students to an unplanned website quickly while teaching.

Using to create a QR code and shortened URL

This video will show step-by-step how to use to create a QR code and shortened URL.

Extend Your Learning (Optional)

If you are an advanced user try publishing your work using

  • Google Sites
  • Blogger


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Before You Move On

Before you move on to the next tutorial reflect on the how you address the diverse needs of all learners by using learner-centered strategies providing equitable access to appropriate digital tools and resources? (NETS for teachers 4.b)

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