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Using InstaGrok as a Research Tool

Using InstaGrok as a Research Tool

Author: Paula Dillon

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use InstGrok to

1.  Conduct informal online research as a starting point for more in-depth learning

2.  Create a concept map with connected websites, videos, and images

3.  Create a journal entry using the research collected

4.  Share your search

This tutorial will allow a teacher to use Instagrok to cull resources for a lesson or to use to teach students how to conduct informal, online research as a starting point.

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InstaGrok Tips

What is InstaGrok?

It is a research tool that allows users to build a concept map to which they can pin notes, websites, videos, and facts.  Users can they open a journal that cites all of the resources with active hyperlinks, creating a fully interactive journal that can be saved and shared.

How does the concept map work?

In order to create a true concept map, sub concepts can be connected to related concepts.  This is done by dragging and connecting smaller concept balls to each other.  Note: you are unable to attach a small concept ball where you want on the large concept ball, you must connect small concept balls to small concept balls

Why is Einstein at the top of the page?

By dragging the bar from the chalkboard to Einstein, the user increases the complexity of the vocabulary and the associated research available.

Other features:

Instagrok also has a glossary of terms with definitions of the concept researched as well as a quiz related to the concept.

Like any search engine, the more specific your search is, the better the results.  For example, search "Abraham Lincoln" not Lincoln to avoid results related to the location or the car, if you only want to know about the President.

Source: Paula Dillon

Overview of InstaGrok

This video will take you on a tour of the basic features of InstaGrok, an online research tool with concept map and journal

Source: Created by Paula Dillon using Screencast-O-Matic

Instagrok Cheat Sheet

A step by step overview of the basic functions of


Source: Paula Dillon

Video Overview Created by Kirill Kireyev

YouTube video overview

Source: Kirill Kireyev for InstaGrok on Youtube

January 2013 Update on InstGrok Features

Update from the InstaGrok developers with guidance on features and funtionality.


Source: Instagrok