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Using iPads Effectively in the Classroom with Fact Families

Using iPads Effectively in the Classroom with Fact Families

Author: kamonica blair

This packet can be used best by primary school educators to utilize the iPad in their Math classrooms. This packet consists of free resources for the following:

  • number fact families
  • basic addition
  • number relation

The use of iPads can make a traditional Math lesson, exciting and fun. iPads can be used to enhance the classroom by presenting traditional concepts with fun and exciting modern technologies. The resources in this packet will help the teacher easily navigate the Internet to look for popular Math games, slide shows, powerpoints, and iPad apps. to incorporate into your Math lesson.

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Fact Family Fun

Students learn about fact families.

Solving Fact Family Triangles

Students can learn with fact family triangles.

Fact Families

Here is a little more practice on fact families.

Chocolate Fun Facts

Students will have fun learning about fact families with chocolate kisses.

Family Facts

Students can learn about the basics of fact families.

Fact Family Fun

Students can practice addition with fact families.