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Using kerboodle

Using kerboodle

Author: Gemma Boyson

This short video will help you to get started with the kerboodle online resources.

In this video I show you how to log in and navigate through kerboodle's basic functions.

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Kerboodle is amazing!

If you're not using kerboodle, you're missing out on a fantastic resource the school has paid a lot of money for!

If you're having difficulty logging in, watch the video below.

If you've "forgotten" your login details, email your teacher and they'll be able to tell you your username and reset your password. (Then write these down somewhere sensible, or better yet - click "save password" on your usual computer).

It's got some fantastic resources, watch the video below to get you started - I may make another one to showcase some of the other facilities. These include:

  • The textbook! - All your own, and you can highlight bits, make notes, draw on it, book mark pages, and from any given page you can click on the "resources" button at the bottom to see any linked resources.
  • Worksheets - don't wait for your teacher to give you these in class, use them in your revision too.
  • Animations - have the tricky bits explained to you
  • Exam question walkthroughs - have a look at exam questions and analyse sample answers to see what the examiners are looking for
  • Revision podcasts - can't even be bothered to read stuff? Or keep your eyes open to use my videos? Kerboodle has provided audio podcasts you can download to your phone/ipod to take you through the whole course
  • Test-yourself end-of-unit tests - get immediate feedback.

Using Kerboodle (for Launceston College students)

A short video to get you started with kerboodle.