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Using Keynote to view PowerPoint.

Using Keynote to view PowerPoint.

Author: Daniel Phillips

The objective of this lesson is to give students a personal enhancement tool at their desks to go along with the teacher centered lesson. Using the PowerPoint through the application that is keynote allows for students to get images of topics being discussed, paraphrased notes for students to follow along with, and allows for students to mark their own notes on slides for further studying outside the classroom.  Also Keynote allows students to record discussion and attach these recordings to the appropriate slides, to have during their studying process.


All the students need is the keynote application on their iPad and an active email account.


Step one: teacher creates the PowerPoint.

Step two:Teacher emails the PowerPoint to the class.

Step three: The students open their email attachment from the teacher using keynote, and they have their own personal PowerPoint.

In this specific lesson students will be learning about specific people that had a role in WWII.  Students are emailed the PowerPoint presentation before the class begins and are instructed to open it at the beginning of class. 


Once the PowerPoint is opened using Keynote, students have the freedom to take notes how they want to, have a copy of notes to study from, attach written notes via a painting option, and attach audio of recorded discussions to specific slides. 

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People of WWII PowerPoint

This is the PowerPoint that my students would be sent to open in Keynote.