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Using Launch Pad

Using Launch Pad

Author: John Guy

Learn how to seuccesfully login and use the Launch Pad Portal

In This Lesson you will learn how to use teh new online portal, which will connect you to the launch pad where there are faeatures of connecting to email and online learning resources.

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Logging in

This video will show how to navigate and log into the Launchpad


In This image is the Launch Pad Dashboard, it is very easy to use, click on any of the links above to go to the online resource.


General Info

The Launchpad is designed to be used on ipad's and tablets but can be used on apple and android and even desktop based computers for ease of use and accessibility.


The launch Pad includes the email portal in the top row so that you can easily connect to your email system, it also includes the Online learning resources that have the password saved, so just click it and it weill redirect you to the website and automatically log you in.


This will save a lot of time