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Using Moodle for Instruction

Using Moodle for Instruction


This lesson explains the LMS Moodle, including its features, major strengths, and major challenges.

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Classroom Instruction using an LMS

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Notes on "Using Moodle for Instruction"

(00:00-00:32) Intro

(00:33-00:42) Objectives

(00:43-04:21) The Basics of Moodle

(04:22-07:47) Three Major Elements of Moodle

(07:48-09:47) Strengths and Challenges

(09:48-09:55) Review

(09:56-10:41) Reflection

Additional Resources

Using Moodle to differentiate instruction

This article explores how to use Moodle to differentiate instruction around student resources and activities. The list of ideas provides practical suggestions for teachers who use Moodle as their instructional platform. In fact, many of the suggestions can be used across a variety of LMS platforms.

I Teach with Moodle

This is a very comprehensive site from a teacher's perspective on using Moodle for instruction. The "Moodle Teaching Ideas" section provides comprehensive strategies that teachers can use with Moodle in the classroom. The resources and ideas are up to date and relevant and include such topics as gamification with Moodle, using badges to engage and motivate, and more. Within each lesson for teachers are links to visuals and tools to help them implement the strategies in their Moodle environment. On the side of the site, there are links to other relevant issues related to Moodle, such as video tutorials for technology departments on setting up the server requirements.