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Using Popplet to organize examples of Hemingway's style

Using Popplet to organize examples of Hemingway's style

Author: John Locke

1. Be able to identify elements of Hemingway's style in "Snows of Kilimanjaro"

2. Use a tablet and the Popplet app to organize examples of the stylistic techniques that appear in the movie version of the short story.

I will show examples of three passages that typical Hemingway and assign practice. 

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Hemingway Presentation

Watch the lesson. Then create your own Popplet.

Citation for Hemingway image

"EH1669N Pauline, Patrick, Ernest, John, and Gregory Hemingway with Four Marlins on the Dock in Bimini." 20 July 1935.Ernest Hemingway Collection/John F. Kennedy Presidential Library, Boston. JPEG file. <>

ENGL2130 Project

This assignment must be done in a virtual presentation format. Here are some options:

Prezi, Blogger, Youtube, Popplet, bContext

Select one of the topics below.

Topic A: Theme Comparison

Instructions: Choose 5 pieces of literature from the text that have something in common. The selection must be from after 1865. Whatever they have in common is the theme of your presentation.  Your presentation will have the following information:

Part 1: Your name, the theme, the 5 titles of the literary pieces

Part 2: Your explanation of the theme

Part 3: Author and Title of piece 1; summary of piece 1 in your own words; picture

Part 4: Explanation of how piece 1 fits with the theme, contributes to the issue, uses a distinct voice (literary devices), etc.

Parts 5-12: Repeat of slides 3 and 4 for the other 4 pieces

Part 13: Conclusion, summary of theme and pieces

Part 14: Citations for images and any borrowed material  

Topic B: Great Gatsby Criticism

Instructions: Read the lecture in Unit 4 Supplements. Watch the 2013 version of Great Gatsby. Take notes on the items on p. 13-15 of the lecture. Choose 5 of those items (not all from the same page) and develop a presentation that decribes the treatment of those items by the movie.

Project Scoring:
A (90-100):
1.The work demonstrates a clear understanding of the culture(s) being addressed;
2. At least 5 points of comparison are explored in a thorough and original way;
3. The project contains no grammatical or factual errors;
4. The project is thorough, professional, original, and precise;
5. The project is outstanding in interest and creativity.
B – One of the above is less than outstanding, but overall the presentation is above average.
 C – Two of the above are less than outstanding, but overall the presentation meets all expectations of college-level work.
D – Three of the above are less than outstanding, or one of the above is missing entirely.
F – Two of the above are missing or three or more are below college level.
Below 30 – The majority of the presentation falls below college-level expectations or knowledge and understanding of the book is not demonstrated.
0 – The presentation contains plagiarism.