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Using Rubric Makers

Using Rubric Makers


In this lesson, you will learn about using rubric makers and how they can be helpful in a technology-rich environment. You will also be introduced to some common rubric makers and their features.

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Notes on "Using Rubric Makers"

(00:00-00:16) Intro

(00:17-00:30) Objectives

(00:31-02:17) Overview of Rubric Makers

(02:18-07:31) Common Rubric Makers

(07:32-08:27) Review & Reflection

Additional Resources


This rubric maker allows teachers to design rubrics, to assess their students, and to share rubrics with other teachers.


This rubric maker provides generic-style rubrics that teachers can print and use for common projects and assignments.


​Goobrics are rubrics that are built in Google Sheets using the Doctopus add-on. Goobrics allow teachers to build and use rubrics in all of the Google Drive applications including Documents, Sheets, and Presentations.


Doctopus allows teachers to assign work to students connected to the rubric. Using Goobrics provides teachers the ability to click and score using the rubric and/or add in audio feedback for their students. Scores can be emailed to students and automatically uploaded into a teacher spreadsheet complete with analytics.


Essay tagger is a unique online tool that offers teachers an interactive structure to build standards based rubrics for assessing student work. This rubric generator is based in the Common Core State Standards.