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Using SAMR to Transform the classroom

Using SAMR to Transform the classroom

Author: Tammy Austin

To learn the basics of the SAMR Model of Technology Integration

The SAMR (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification and Redefinition) Model of technology integration is one way to ensure that your lessons are transforming what you are teaching rather than enhancing what you are doing already.

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The SAMR Model

Students describe the SAMR Model in plain english

SAMR Levels Defined


SAMR Questions and Transitions


Next Step

Now that you have learned a little about SAMR, pick a lesson that you are going to be doing around two weeks from now. Share a copy with me in Google ( Look at your lesson closely. Based on the SAMR Levels Defined chart above, which level do you think you are at? Now go to and book a time where we can sit together and take your lesson to the next level!