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Using Scales and Rubrics to assess standards based assignments

Using Scales and Rubrics to assess standards based assignments


In this lesson you will learn how to assess using a rubric and a proficiency scale aligned to content standards and ISTE Standards

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Standards-Based Digital Instruction

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Using Scales & Rubrics to Assess Standards-Based Assignments

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Notes on "Using Scales & Rubrics to Assess Standards-Based Assignments"

(00:00-00:30) Intro

(00:31-00:53) Objectives

(00:54-02:18) Review Proficiency Scales

(02:19-05:59) Sample Rubric using iRubric

(06:00-07:16) Student & Teacher Tracking

(07:17-08:39) Exploring Student & Teacher Tracking Using Infinite Campus

(08:40-09:04) Review

(09:05-09:51) Reflection

Additional Resources

Standards-Based Learning Teacher Handbook

This comprehensive handbook instructs teachers on how and why to use standards based grading. Instructions for the development of proficiency scales and rubrics are included in this document. In addition, there are templates for ease of teacher use.

Formative Assessment & Standards-Based Grading: The Journey for Dansville Schools

This presentation illustrates the connections between standards, formative assessment strategies, and increased student motivation and achivement. Included in this presentation are clear process steps for teachers to follow as they implement standards based instruction and aligned formative assessment practices.