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Using SCM for a Competitive Advantage , management homework help

Using SCM for a Competitive Advantage , management homework help

Author: david utsey

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Supply chain management gained popularity as a critical business discipline in the 1990s and has evolved into a major strategic tool for today’s companies. A number of factors can be attributed to its rise in the business world, including the large cost savings and logistics efficiencies that could be gained by managing a supply chain effectively. Another major factor was the explosion of technology advancements that provided many opportunities to streamline and automate supply chain processes.
Let’s explore one company that has skillfully used SCM as their competitive advantage – Amazon.
For this discussion, explore the website below, compose your response to the questions, and post your response to the discussion forum, “Using SCM for a Competitive Advantage.”
Go to and familiarize yourself with the website.
Respond to the following questions in one initial posting:
How does Amazon illustrate the concepts discussed in Chapter 1? It is apparent that Amazon continues to reinvent itself, from a book seller to major retail platform, and now a competitor to Netflix!
In what ways can Amazon continue to use SCM to keep their competitive edge? Be creative in your response!

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