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Using Social Media to Find Your Next Job

Using Social Media to Find Your Next Job

Author: Ruth Palumbo

We all know it’s a poor economy for jobseekers. We also know that sending out hundreds of resumes in response to every opportunity doesn’t generally produce great results.

So what’s the secret to landing your next position or getting back in the work force?

Although there’s no one certain way for a candidate to gain that all-important interview, being visible to prospective employers and colleagues in your industry is always a plus.

Sites such as LinkedIn and BranchOut have added a new dimension to networking and the job search. On these sites and others, you’ll see individual profiles that look a lot like resumes. They have a qualifications summary, skills section, work experience and academic data. The same profile may be with companies that are willing to take on new employees, for example, such as this profile is a company that provides services and is interested in new customers and employees.

And there are scores of individuals visiting these sites daily. Some may be seeking to connect with individuals they once worked with. Perhaps they attended the same school. Others, such as recruiters, might very well be looking for the ideal candidate for an open position that isn’t being advertised.

Think of the connections you can make on sites such as these, in addition to sending your resume out to published ads.

Knowing the importance of networking at all career levels, ResumeEdge is now offering a Social Media Profile Development that can be used on social networking sites such as BranchOut, LinkedIn and others.

Today’s job search is complex. Why not use social media to your advantage and get your ‘brand’ out to those who can help you reach your dream job.

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