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Using Sophia:  Presentation Tutorial

Using Sophia: Presentation Tutorial

Author: Janice Davis

See the notes below for full outlines of objectives and expectations from this tutorial.

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This tutorial is designed to help you begin using on your own.

Participants using this tutorial will:

  • walk away with numerous ideas for ways to use a teacher website for classroom communication and organization.learn how to use (or other free websites) to link
  • tutorials onto the teacher website for fully functional flipped or
    review instruction.
  • discover innovative ways to use technology as a tool for meeting
    student needs outside of the classroom (missed days, missing homework, review, flipped lessons, etc.).

The videos and links in this tutorial will remind you of the ways we:

  • used Google Sites to create a website suited for awesome home/school communication.
  • used to create tutorials, including uploading videos, screen recordings, and uploading documents.

You are welcome to email me at with any questions, ideas, etc.  I'd love to hear from you!

Using Sophia

These are links to some of the video tutorials that I've found helpful in learning the most efficient ways to use this site.  Nothing here is difficult!

ABCs of Video in Sophia

Getting Started With Tutorials

Tutorials:  Advanced Options

Mrs. Davis' Homework and Website Notes

This pdf is the note-taking page the students use while watching the video on the above link. Since it's locked in our Ladue Google Accounts, a pdf version is here for your reference.

To upload this pdf, I chose "PDF" from the "insert" menu on the right. Then, I followed the directions to find the file I wanted to upload. It was super easy! (Of course, you must save your file as a "pdf" format first.)


Using Google Sites 101

This video is a very brief summary of some of my favorite ways to utilize Google Sites to create a fully functional communication tool between school and home.