Using technology to have kids read

Using technology to have kids read

Author: Meredith Starke

Using technology to raise and sustain interest in reading and increase on-task time.

Using technology as strategy  to maximise students' reading and comprehension.

Using different textual modes to engage students with classical texts i.e. the novel.

Often students find reading boring. Jackie French's teenage novel "Hitler's Daughter" is an easy to read and captivating novel designed to 'hook' the young reader.

Primarily through the use of Facebook's applications, for updating information such as creating events, asking a question, setting polls, putting in notes, adding photos, adding friends or unfriending, we can have students literally re-plot the story online and in the process maximise their reading and comprehension strategies along the way.

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Hitler's Daughter Digitalised


The novel presents itself with two plot lines; that of the students listening to Hitler's Daughter's story, and also of Heidi's story narrated in the first person, who is Hitler's Daughter.

Using a combination of different technologies, we can harness and promote students' reading by having them plot these two different stories.

As mentioned in the summary, Facebook offers a relevant and comfortable technology medium in which to have students work through the novel. Using different Facebook's applications such as:

creating events

asking a question

setting polls

putting in notes

adding photos

adding friends or unfriending,


We can have students literally re-plot the story online and in the process maximise their reading and comprehension strategies along the way.

Please visit: Austenbook at: http://www.much-ado.net/austenbook/ for where this inspiration came from. This is an older version of Facebook's interface, there are now even more apps that we can incorporate for the students to comprehend and evaluate the book itself.


Good luck and have fun!



Screencast of how to use Facebook to plot a novel

Illustrating the different elements within Facebook that can harness social media technology to have students improve their reading and comprehension