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Using TenMarks and Learnzillion

Using TenMarks and Learnzillion

Author: Paula Dillon

In this lesson, you will learn how to 

1.  Use Learnzillion and TenMarks with your Classes

2.  Use the data from the lessons to inform your instruction


Learnzillion allows you to plan Common Core Lessons that include video tutorials.  You can assign students lessons, practice, and quizzes from within the program to monitor student acquisition of the standards in both ELA and math.  Learnzillion was desinged for grades 3-11, with content for grades K-2 coming soon. Cost -Free


TenMarks allows you to plan Common Core math lessons that include video tutorials and practice assignments.  With TenMarks, parents, students, and teachers can all monitor student progress.  TenMarks can also assist you in differentiating instruction.  Cost-Free

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Things to Think About with Learnzillion and TenMarks

We are in the early stages of exploring the use of TenMarks and Learnzillion in my district as we begin to transition to instruction and curriculum aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  After reviewing a significant number of textbooks and anthologies that claim to be aligned to the CCSS we were dissatisfied with most. It became clear, that collaboratively created, teacher-designed unit and lesson plans allowed for more authentic learning.  Still, we wanted to supplement our resources for both home and school.  Learnzillion and TenMarks are two programs that we have decided to pilot to meet this end.  To be clear, we are using this as supplements to our instruction, not in lieu of our instruction.

What are some of the strengths of these programs?

1. Teachers can assign all or some of the class lessons, making it easier to differentiate to meet the needs of all learners.  When a student logs in, they see only the lesson, practice, and quiz that was selected for them.

2. Easy reporting features allow teachers to track progress during practice and on quizzes to inform instruction.

3.  Parents are considered partners by both programs, and are afforded communication and log-ins.

4.  The programs are free to teachers and districts in a time when budgets are tight; however, TenMarks has a paid version that adds additional interventions and more flexibility with playlists. 

5.  Learnzillion is designed around the tenets of a PLC and offers support and protocols to teams as they analyze their school-level data.  TenMarks offers a similar feature by providing access to reports to building level and district level administrators.  This data can also be used at RtI and Problem Solving Meetings at the individual, class, and school levels.  

6.  The programs are easy to incorporate as one of the stations during math workshop or as home practice, for districts where access to technology in the homes is not a concern.

7.  Using these programs, will help increase student comfort level with technology and technology based assessments as we move toward PARCC and Smarter Balanced.

8.  Learnzillion incorporates coaching and lessons for teachers designed to model methods for instructing each of the concepts and standards.

What are some things to think about?

1.  Teachers should review each lesson to ensure quality and alignment.

2.  For districts where home access is limited, there are some print features; however, the teacher will then need to enter the student data.

3.  Although Learnzillion currently begins at grade 3, there are plans to expand down to grades K-2.  TenMarks is math only and is appropriate for the end of first grade through Algebra II.

Please note that I am not endorsing these programs; teachers and curriculum directors should carefully review any resources they opt to incorporate to ensure alignment to their curriculum objectives.

Source: Paula Dillon updated 27 June 2013

Exploring Learnzillion

Step by step tour of Learnzillion.

Source: Paula Dillon via Snagit published on Youtube

Tracking Student Progress in Learnzillion

Source: Learnzillion via Youtube

Using Data from TenMarks to Guide Math Instruction and Intervention

Source: TenMarks via Youtube