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Using the task function in Google Calendar and Gmail

Using the task function in Google Calendar and Gmail

Author: Michael Steger

Familiarize students with using the task tool in Google gmail and calendar.

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Staying organized is important.  Google offers a way to help us with that.  In Google calendar and gmail there is a "task" function that allows us to list things we need to get done.  In this tutorial you'll learn where to find the task function and how to use it.  You'll also need to answer several questions showing you've watched the tutorial.

Below you will find:

  • A short presentation on where to find the task function in gmail and calendar.
  • A video showing how to use tasks in calendar.
  • A video showing how to use tasks in gmail.

Before starting the tutorial:

  1. Open your gmail account
  2. Open your calendar

You should pause the videos that are playing so you can create tasks.  You may want to include things you already know you need to do like reading and math each day or add assignments that will be up like Investigation #2 for science.

Getting started using tasks

Finding tasks in gmail and Google calendar.
Click the expand arrows if you're having trouble seeing the video clips.

Tasks in Google Calendar

You should pause the video occasionally to try the things being shown.

Tasks in Gmail

Tasks in gmail
Again, pause the video to try what's being shown.

Complete the quiz

In the upper right corner there is a quiz.  When you've got things figured out, take the quiz.