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Using Two Verbs Together

Using Two Verbs Together

Author: Sophia Tutorial

Determine the correct use of two consecutive verbs in a sentence.

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In this lesson, you will learn how to use two verbs together in a sentence according to Spanish grammar rules. Specifically, this lesson will cover:
  1. Al Usar Dos Verbos Juntos (Using Two Verbs Together)
    1. Making a Request

1. Al Usar Dos Verbos Juntos (Using Two Verbs Together)

Your Spanish will sound much more advanced once you are able to combine two verbs. You will also drastically increase the number of things you are able to communicate. Consider how you naturally combine verbs in English.


You need to fill out this form. You should take this medicine with water. Can you return at 4:00?

When you combine two verbs in Spanish, simply conjugate (change) the first verb and leave the second verb in the infinitive. The first verb will almost always be one of the following:

  • Deber
  • Necesitar
  • Poder
  • Querer
  • Tener
These verbs will help you obtain important information from your patients and will allow you to politely tell them what to do.

Verb Example Sentence English Translation
deber Usted debe tomar la medicina tres veces cada día. You should take the medicine three times a (each) day
necesitar Usted necesita tomar la medicina con agua. You need to take the medicine with water.
poder ¿Puede usted volver a las cuatro? Can you return at four?
querer Yo quiero explicar a usted esta medicina. I want to explain to you this medicine.
tener Yo tengo que llamar a la doctora. I have to call the doctor.

Note that when using the verb "tener" with another verb, you must put que (pronounced "kay") after "tener."

1a. Making a Request

The most polite way of making a request in Spanish is to use the word pudiera, which means could you (please).


"¿Pudiera llenar esta forma?" means "Could you please sign this form?"

You can also say favor de, which literally translates to favor of. Simply put an infinitive after it.


"¿Favor de llenar esta forma?" also means "Could you please fill out this form?"

You can also use some very general expressions to express similar sentiments. Again, just add an infinitive.

Expression Example Sentence English Translation
es necesario Es necesario tomar toda la medicina. It is necessary to take all of the medicine.
es importante Es importante no beber el alcohol con esta medicina. It is important to not drink alcohol with this medicine.
es posible ¿Es posible recoger la receta hoy? Is it possible to pick-up the prescription today?

In this lesson, you learned that you can use two verbs together in Spanish by conjugating the first verb and leaving the second verb in the infinitive. When making a request, you can use the word "pudiera" before the infinitive verb, which is the most polite way of asking someone to do something. There are also some general expressions you can use with similar meanings.

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Source: This content has been adapted from "Pharmacy Spanish" by Stephanie Langston.