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Using UbD to Develop Competency Based Curriculum

Using UbD to Develop Competency Based Curriculum


In this lesson, students will review the components of UbD and lesson design. In particular, students will explore the connection between UbD and the personalization design principle of CBE.

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Understanding Competency-Based Curriculum

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Notes on "Using UbD to Develop Competency Based Curriculum"

(00:00-00:17) Intro

(00:18-00:30) Objectives

(00:31-00:58) Understanding by Design Unit Plan Template

(00:59-01:33) 5 Design Principles of CBE

(01:34-02:54) History & Stages of UbD

(02:55-04:14) 6 Facets of Understanding by Design

(04:15-05:09) W.H.E.R.E.T.O

(05:10-09:19) Connecting Everything Together

(09:20-09:54) Review & Reflection

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