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Using Wiggio

Using Wiggio


Wiggio will help No Border Team members to work collaboratively while looking for words that means the same and are pronounced the same in Romanian and Serbian language. This tutorial will help No Border Team to get in touch with Wiggio Web 2.0 tool which facilitates work in groups.

Wiggio is free Web 2.0 tool, easiest way to work in groups.


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Wiggio Tutorial on Serbian language

This Tutorial is made for Serbian Students in their own language.

Wiggio How-To: Create and Manage Groups (English version)

An overview of creating and managing Wiggio groups.

Wiggio How-To: Add Content to Your Group (English version)

An overview of how to add content to your Wiggio group.

Wiggio How-To: Upload and Manage Files (English version)

An overview of uploading and managing files within Wiggio.

Wiggio How-To: Schedule Meetings (English version)

An overview of how to schedule virtual meetings, in-person events, and chatrooms through Wiggio.

Wiggio How-To: Send Messages (English version)

How to send mass messages through Wiggio: text messages, emails, voice notes and video notes.